Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh do I have updates. I have been so busy in the last week...I thought I better update what's been going on before my brain shuts down. Every year, since I can remember I have helped my friend, Amy K, with the Sub-for-Santa program at DCFS. Last year, she had her cute baby and decided to leave the land of DCFS. Therefore, it put myself and my good friend, Heather, in charge this year. We thought for sure that with the two of us heading this program, it would be so easy, since we knew Amy was so stressed doing it by herself...then two people would definitely make the stress levels go way down. Oh no, I am still trying to wrap my head around how she did this whole program alone. Let's just say, that Heather and I worked late everyday last week. Including pulling a one a.m. at the DCFS office, it was really creepy being there late at night. But all of these late days and long hours were for a great cause. We were able to serve 263 children, who might have not had Christmas otherwise! I am amazed by all those companies and individuals who donated time and money for this great cause!

So during this fun Sub-for-Santa, I am pretty sure my poor family was a bit neglected. Kaycie kept asking when I was coming home and when I finally did make it home one night. Riley decided to make mud pies on my carpet with a gallon of milk and chocolate milk mix. I am still trying to pull that from the carpet. I am sure this was some attention seeking behavior! Well it worked!!

After working Thursday, Mark took me to the Provo Temple for our 15-year Temple Anniversary. It is hard to believe that it has been 15-years since we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. I still remember it and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had.

Friday, our friends decided that we could buy each others tickets for Christmas to a double-feature. First we saw 7 pounds. Oh my word, pull out the razor blades, this was "The" most depressing film I have ever seen. If I weren't in a packed movie theatre, I would have cried outloud...I mean sobbed! Next we saw Yes Man. Oh my word, I laughed so hard. I was glad to see such a funny film after the first one!

Saturday, I finally finished all of my Christmas Shopping...what a relief that is!

I am so excited for Christmas. I am taking two weeks off of work and am excited to spend the time with my kids.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008


...THE TREE IS UP!! I don't know what my problem is this year, but I just got my Christmas Tree up TODAY!! Thanks to Mark and Jake for bringing all the decorations and the tree upstairs and thanks to the girls at Bunco for giving me such a hard time for not having decorated yet...I think both these things helped me get motivated!!! I have been so busy this year with Stake Camp meetings, Santa's Helper at work, and other odds and ends...the time just kept flying by.

So now I finally feel the Christmas Spririt in my home! Remember how I take the tree down the day after Christmas! Nice 14 days of celebration! Cross your fingers I will be better next year!

Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a fun and eventful Thanksgiving this year. My mom decided to have an early Thanksgiving on Sunday, because my Grandma was going into surgery to get her second hip replaced.

Monday, we took Jake out for his birthday, can you believe I have a 12-year old!! We saw Madagascar 2, which I loved. Riley clapped when it was over and it was the first movie he watched in the theatre the entire way through. Usually we have to leave half way through the movie!

Tuesday, it was Jake's birthday and we entertained 7 twelve year olds. Jake had a blast!

On Wednesday, our friends Jake and Heather, invited us to pre-Thanksgiving Pie Party. It was yummy! Jake made "several" pies and I couldn't stop eating.

On Thanksgiving, Mark played football in the morning with friends and then he came home and started baking pies for his Mom's Thanksgiving dinner. We ate and then literally fell asleep.

Friday, I went shopping with my mom and my grandma (my Mom's Mom). We shopped from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. We had a blast! This is a tradition we've had since I was really young. I love it!!

Saturday, we layed around recuperating from the long weekend and then Mark and I went with friends to "Four Christmases". I never laughed so hard!

On Sunday, Jake was ordained a Deacon, we were so proud of him. He had a great day being recognized for all of his hard work completing his Faith in God. He also got up in front of all of the adults for the 5th Sunday meeting and recited the 13th Article of Faith. I was more nervous than him! He did a great job!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


My friend, Amber, had a cousin who booked an entire theater for the 12 a.m. premiere of Twilight. At first, I didn't really want to go, because I just had a feeling it couldn't live up to the books. But, in the end we decided to go. We started the night off at around, of course. We then went to dinner, and more is kind of hard to waste time that late at night, because nothing is open, but Wal-Mart!!

We got to the theatre around 11:45...and it was kind of crazy to see how many theatres were booked that late.

So we got settled in with our treats and Diet Coke and were ready to see what this movie had to offer. Well about 15 minutes into the flick, the girl two seats down from me threw up...oh yes...I am not kidding. I was dying. I kept thinking this is not happening. So, of course, they come sprinkle some deodorizer on it about 10 minutes after it happened. So imagine the smell wafting my way for about 10 minutes before the deodorizer. So the entire movie, I was completely tense, because I could not stop thinking about the throw up on the floor right next to me!!!

How was the movie, you ask, well it was just not that great. I went in there with low expectations and so I wasn't completely disappointed. I just know if they would have waited longer to start the movie process on these books, that they would have had more money to do a really great job (find better actor's and produce way better special effects) but it didn't happen that way, so I really hope they learn from this first one and when they release the second one that it kicks butt.
All in all, I had a fun night out with the girl's, it will definitely be a night I will remember!


On Tuesday, Riley went into surgery for his second round of tubes. The poor kid has struggled with fluid behind his ears and hearing like he is underwater since he was 18 months. The first set of tubes helped immensely, along with speech therapy. And now he is in Pre-school where he gets a 1/2 an hour a day of speech therapy, which has made a huge difference! We went back to the ENT a few weeks ago and Riley had 100% hearing in one ear and .06% hearing in the other, so we decided it would be best to put the second set of tubes in because the one ear the tube was trying to force its way out causing fluid to build again and his hearing to be down to .06%.

The surgery is a very simple 10 to 15 minutes procedure, but I was still nervous because of the anesthesia. But Riley did really well and was quite the trooper. That day we got home and I thought he would crash, because we were up at 5 a.m., but no...the child was "SO" hyper. I have never seen anything like it.

I am now going to cross my fingers that this set is the last and that he has no further problems with his hearing!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So after devouring an entire bag of Dove Milk Chocolate Caramels...I decided not to feel guilty...because in each wrapper there is an inspirational know like a fortune cookie has your fortune, these chocolates have an inspirational saying inside each wrapper!! Such as: It's never too late for a fresh start. - or - Happiness is the experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

So I just kept eating, so I could keep getting inspired...until the bag was I inspired you ask? Absolutely inspired to get another bag to eat!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


We had so much fun this year. Riley was such a riot. He would knock on the door or want to push the button (doorbell) and before they came to the door, he was already saying his version of "Trick or Treat", "ipp er teat". Once they opened the door, I would have to tell him to say it again. But, he wouldn't he would say "Candy please". And then he would say, "thank you bye". And move on to the next house, running all the way. We couldn't keep up! He would run to the next house yelling...."go...go...go...Kaycie...come on" Kaycie was even having a hard time keeping up with him.

Jake the shadow
Jake, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the family trick or treating, it was all about his friends this year. Which is fine, he had tons of fun!

Kaycie the monster bride
Kaycie stayed with us most of the night and then she went off with her friends Cole and Wyatt. They felt so independent and had tons of fun!

Riley the Bee

...we were lucky to keep Riley's costume on most of the night! I really think he ended up with more candy than Jake or Kaycie!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I'm just so excited when I find out Riley's preschool teacher has created a blog! I mean hello, who doesn't want to see what their three-year old is doing everyday at school, brilliant...I think! So everyday I go on the blog and see the cutest pics of Riley and read about what they do at school each. Well today, I get on the blog to see what they did at their Halloween Party. I am really thinking, did Riley keep his costume on or did he throw a fit and the minute he got to school and take it off. Did I expect to see this pic....

Oh no...I expected pictures of the class all dressed in their cute costumes, instead I get Riley dressed in half his costume and some ladies hat and purse!! Isn't he/she sweet??? What's up with this? He is so cute though...even though he loves to play dress up!

Monday, October 20, 2008


My family, including my parents and my brother's family, went on a week long California vacation!! We had so much fun. We went to Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland for three days, Universal Studios, and the beach. The kids were really good and they had a blast with their cousins! We couldn't have asked for better weather and the crowds were slim. The longest we waited for a ride was 30 minutes...that's great in Disneyland!! Riley loved it...everytime he would see Mickey...he would scream, Mouse! Mouse! So we decided he had better meet Mickey. It was so cute...he kept kissing him and you could tell he was so excited to be with Mickey. He met several other characters and I forgot how fun it is to see your kids so excited to meet them. I think my favorite part of the vacation was getting away from all the stresses of life and hanging out in beautiful California with my family! Now I kind of have my vacation bug back and I really want to start planning another fun trip!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Riley turns "3" today!! Can you believe it? It is so crazy how time flies. His party was so much fun. He loved all his gifts and it was so fun to watch him open each one. He was so embarrassed to have everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. He blew out the candles through his nose...I dont think he understands the concept of blowing through his mouth yet!! We have enjoyed every minute with Riley, he has been such a fun kid and Jake and Kaycie really love having a little brother!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just wanted to wish my husband a happy 16-year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time flies. So much has happened in our lifes in the last 16-years. We were married September 25, 1992. Since then we have added 3 beautiful, fun, crazy kids to our plate. We bought two houses, sold them, built a house, remodeled it several times, and recreated our yard numerous times as well. We have traveled a lot. We have lost 6 grandparents, gained a sister-in-law and brother-in-law and 7 nieces and 3 nephews. I appreciate so many things about Mark. He is patient with me...when he shouldn't be. He knows how to have fun and not take things so seriously. And he is supportive...especially when I come to him with yet another travel plan!! Thank you for the last 16-years...I pray for many more!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So let me preface this with, if you know Mark...this won't surprise you! So we're in Target shopping for Riley's birthday. And I am looking through the toys when Mark disappears. I hear someone yelling my name...oh yes it's Mark...fully dressed in footy pj's. He is dead set that he needs them and how cool they are, because not only do they have the footies...they glow in the dark! Mind you, this is in the middle of Target and he doesn't care that people keep literally walking back and forth to take a look at him...oh and by the way, I didn't let him purchase them!! Maybe I'll have to surprise him and buy them for his Christmas PJ's!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I love the Yankees and today is their final game at Yankees Stadium.
In June, I was able to go to a game at Yankees Stadium. It was amazing to walk into the stadium knowing all the history that has occurred there! I feel so lucky to have been able to watch one of their many games and I can't wait to watch another one in their new stadium!


Okay so I was laughing my head off...I have to admit. I mean when your 2-year old comes upstairs from the playroom and has dressed himself up in this lovely attire...what can you do, but laugh...and maybe wonder a bit...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wasatch Bull Elk

Mark was able to get his Wasatch Bull Elk last night. He is very happy with the Elk and he says he could have never done it without all of his friends. He had a lot of help! He had tons of fun as well!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Elk also known as Wapiti, Alce, Elch, Orignal, Eland, Elg, 麋鹿,
ヘラジカ, лось

So if you haven't heard my husband drew the Wasatch Elk Tag (Rifle Hunt). Let the scouting begin. He is has been on and off the mountain almost every day for the last two and half months. When he finally found the elk he wanted, he started setting up camp...and when I say setting up camp...I am talking almost everything went up the mountain besides the kitchen sink. He left yesterday and the hunt starts Saturday. He has "MANY" friends going up there to help with the cause. What cracks me up the most, is that he set a camp and then two "dumby" camps to ward off any fellow hunters from coming into his territory. What is that all about? He also has a "backup" camp, just in case they don't get the "BIG" one! He told me he was so nervous that he was sick to his stomach. I just can't phathom that one! I will have to keep you all posted on the festivities. To be honest with you, I am truly crossing my fingers that he gets the big one. He has worked really hard for this and waited 10 long years. He deserves to not only have fun, but bring home the elk he's been waiting 10 years for!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Nicky, my sister-in-law, called to see if I wanted to bring Riley to the Kite Festival in Spanish Fork. I met her at the Little Acorn and we had a good lunch. She brought one of her friends from William's Sonoma, who looks exactly like the lead girl in Mama Mia!! We then headed to the Kite Festival. It was really fun and quite amazing to me. There are actual companies who travel around and show off their kite skills.
Riley also had fun on the playground, he wasn't very happy when I made him leave...ask Nicky...he was screaming!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Okay so I have probably told most of you...but for those who don't know...Riley started school. He is only two mind you, but I had him tested at Nebo School District and they diagnosed him as developmentally delayed. He seems to be at least a year or more behind on his speech and language. Which didn't surprise me in the least. He had tubes put in last October and several sessions of speech therapy. Someone told me about a preschool program the school offers and so I had him tested. He qualified and they told me he would need to ride a bus because that is "part of the preschool experience". I wasn't worried about the school part of it, but a bus...HELLO...he is still my baby. I couldn't wrap my head around why he needed to ride the bus, when I could drop him off at the school and my sister could pick him up. But the District was very adament that he ride the bus, because it gives him the social part that he needs to interact with kids his I reluctantly agreed. So Monday was to be his first day of the bus/preschool experience. Well...he got sick Sunday night...with an ear infection...which got us here in the first place...kind of ironic. So Tuesday, he seemed to be feeling well. I got him up, he didn't fight getting ready for the big day. We got his backpack out and Riley loaded it up, with the Monsters DVD, a sippy cup, bag of Cheerios, a stuffed animal of Coco's, and fruit snack...he did this by himself. And then we waited for the "short" bus, as my husband calls it. Well it wasn't the "short" cute bus that comes and picks up the "WEE" kids it was the "long" bus (that NORMAL SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN RIDE, NOT MY TWO-YEAR OLD) came and I took Riley out to get on the bus. He started screaming at the top of his lungs, "MOM, MOM" I was a nervous wreck. They put him in the carseat and closed the doors and I could still hear him scream. I started to tear up. I felt so bad. I got a call at work from the bus driver, very sweet lady, who tells me that, "Riley sure has a set of lungs"...but that he stopped screaming shortly after leaving our house and that he was happy and played well at school. So my sister calls when they dropped him off at her house after school...and the funny thing is that he started screaming again, because he didn't want to get off the bus!! He did go again today and we did have the same experience as yesterday, I just hope that he gets use to it and it can become a pleasant experience...WISH ME WELL ON THIS ONE!

Friday, August 22, 2008



So the other day...I was doing dishes, Mark was working in the office...and where
was Riley? So I yell to Mark, "do you know where Riley is?"

As I was walking back to my bedroom, I could hear the water running...I was thinking great, we've got a mess on our hands! Riley had decided that CoCo needed a bath. You could just see it in CoCo's eyes...PLEASE SAVE ME!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am so sad that Marcus didn't win...I loved watching him. I had to rewind his performances to watch them over and over again! Especially this one!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Jake and Kaycie were gone for the day and so Mark and I decided to take Riley to see the ducks. It was so much fun. Riley was eating the bread as fast as he was feeding it to the ducks (as you can see by the picture with the bread stuck to his lip). We had never taken him to feed the ducks before, so it was really funny to see his reaction.


This weekend we took our kids along with our good friends, the Dunkley's, school shopping and playing in Park City. Friday we took the kids school shopping, by the end, we were asking ourselves why we were there...I think we were ALL frustrated and tired. We then went swimming at the hotel.

We woke up the next day and took the kids on the Alpine Slide, Mountain Coaster, and let them jump on the trampolines. We then had a great lunch at Baja Cantina...and while eating it started to pour rain. Riley and Jack decided they would play in the rain!! We had a fun, but short weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I was tagged by Amber!

Four Movies I would watch more then once:
1. Juno
2.Goonies...don't make fun!
3. Any of the Borne series
4. Any 80's highschool flick, like Pretty in Pink, Sixteen name it, I LOVE IT!!

Jobs I've had:
1. Brookeside Gas Station
2. Utah Valley University (of course back then it is what UVSC and that was after it was UVCC and I was there for both)
3. Division of Child and Family Services (14 years strong)

Places I have lived:
Amber thinks she's boring....try just Mapleton & Springville

I have been to/visited:
I have almost covered all 50 states, Mexico, and the Caribbean. My favorite place is New York City of course!! I have a wish list and I will make it to the places on my list SOON!!

Personally right now, I need to find a new place to eat...everything is bugging me. I guess I am sick of the same ole thing!!

Places I would like to visit:
1. Oregon
2. Vermont ( in the fall )
3. Italy
4. Upstate New York
5. Chicago
6. Alaska
7....I could go on!! I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Disneyland with my kids and my brother, sister, and parents in October
2. Christmas
3. Retirement
4. My next big vacation, although not yet planned...I am sure it will be FUN!

Friends I am tagging:
Amy Kennington
Angela Robbins
Susan Knadler
Nicky Bleggi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I know, I's been ages since I posted. I have just been busy with the kids. We have gone to the cabin in Fairview a couple of times. Which was fun as ever. Mark and I took the kids to the 24th of July Rodeo in Spanish Fork. It was "THE" best rodeo I have been to in a long time. The rodeo clown was amazing!!
We had the annual Bleggi family reunion last weekend. I can't tell you how amazing it is that every year they have so many people show up and support the reunion. I still feel new to the family, even though it has been 16 years. There are always new members joining, new babies, and sometimes people even bring friends. That's how fun it is. Thanks to the Bringhurst family for providing lunch and entertainment to my family and myself. We owe you guys!!

The Antonino's rented a waterslide, I couldn't get Riley off of it! The kids had a blast!!

Jake and Breeann had a marshmellow eating contest...I think Breeann won...does that mean she has a big mouth??? Just kidding Bree!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


So many of you know...I love New York! So I thought I would share my love of the big city with my husband, Mark. He was not at all excited. There were so many other places he would rather spend his time (especially somewhere tropical). But, I think he enjoyed it, besides seeing a homeless man pee in a plastic bag, a women get literally beat up on the subway, they gay pride parade, and the Yankees lose; what's not to love!!
We went with our good friends Amy and John. Amy had a been a few times before, and John had never been. I know John loved it!! We did many touristy things...and....we were on the Today's show, went to a Broadway show (Legally Blonde), went to a Yankees game, and Mark and John went to a Mets game...and most importantly...SHOPPED! We also ate tons of yummy food, my favorite was Sarabeth's for breakfast, love it!!!
I miss it anyone want to go back??? I'm game!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I remember when I was a kid (I like to think that was not too long ago), we use to count down the days until my dad would get the irrigation in the summer. We would play out on the back lawn with what we called a skim board (a homemade board that you would run with and drop into the water, jump on, and hopefully skim across the top of the water or head plant it!!). We would also just run through the water, play in the ditches, make mud pies, have mud fights, you name it. My kids experienced this first hand, on Father's Day. My dad had the irrigation water...Riley was the first to jump in...fully clothed. Kaycie then decided to take all of her clothes off, but her underwear and jump in. It was then Jake's turn. He was nervous, what if someone saw him. We kept explaining that no one would know he was in his boxers....and hello Kaycie was in her underwear. He finally did it!! Both Jake & Kaycie covered themselves in mud, so no one would know they were in their underwear and if you know Kaycie this won't surprise you...she made herself a mud bra. I don't think I had laughed that hard in a long time, and my parents, and grandmas were laughing hysterically as well!! The kids had a blast...and I have to admit, I was kind of jealous, I miss being a kid!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay so I know little Riley's hair was too long, but I felt like if I cut it he would not be the same little Riley with the cute long blonde hair!! But, I was getting tired of people calling him a girl...or the latest was a relative saying..."I thought your youngest was a boy?" But I have to admit, it turned out so cute!! And it turns out if you cut their hair they are the same child...who would have thunk it!!! I have had several people thrown off by his new look. They really didn't know who the little boy was that I was holding or walking with! After he got his haircut, he kept pulling on his hair. I don't know if it was a sign that he didn't like it short or that he was really confused!! I do, however, love it!! I am so glad we cut it!! Everytime I look at him now, it reminds me of Jake when he was his age.