Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Susan tagged me. Here some info about Mark and I. (Amy and Heather if you read this, now it's your turn to blog about your husbands)
What is his name: Mark Bleggi
How long have we been together: We have been married 16 years in September and dated a year and a half before that and now have three awesome, fun, beautiful children!!
How old is he: 36
Who eats more: Mark
Who said I love you first: For sure Mark, what's not to love!!
Who is taller: Mark - but that's not saying much our poor children have no hope!
What is his favorite sport: Baseball
Who is smarter: Me!! Okay, okay...we are both smart in our owns ways!
Who does the laundry: Me!!!!!
Who does the dishes: Mostly Me!!!!
Who pays the bills: Once again Me!!
Who cooks dinner: We both share in this...but I prefer Mark to cook...I can't stand cooking!!
Who drives: It all depends, we both share in this, I tend to like to drive more because Mark's a chatty Cathy and is always texting or talking on the phone, it frightens me too much to allow him to drive!!
Who wears the pants: For sure ME!!! I have to agree with Susan, my Mark is pretty laid back too...and I am the planner in the family.
Who kissed who first: Mark kissed me...I couldn't keep him away...kind of scared me! Just was a joint venture!!
Who proposed to whom? Mark proposed
Mark is honestly one of the best guys I know!! I feel pretty lucky to have met him at such a young age! Who would've thought being married at 18 would have worked out!! He is such a great dad and a wonderful husband! After 16 years of marital bliss...hee...hee...I couldn't honestly imagine being married to anyone else!! Yes Mark, chalk one up, I still love you after all these years!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Yesterday Kaycie, Nicky, and myself went to Annie at Kingsbury Hall. We had tons of fun! First off we had extra time before the big show. So we drove around Salt Lake looking at all of the old homes. We happened upon the Salt Lake Cementary.
And how fun was that. We found several prophets graves, including President Hinkley, which I was so excited to see.

We also saw the Christmas Box Angel, which was very pretty!

We then hit the big show....

Annie was amazing! I love the movie, but the Broadway show was even better!! Kaycie was embarrassed because I kept asking her if I could sing a-long!

On to dinner....

We then went to the Melting Pot and had so much fun! We had "SO" much food and it was so yummy! We started with a Caribean Cheese Fondue, which was quite tasty! We had salads and then cooked our tray of meat in a really good broth!!

Finally my favorite part...the chocolate fondue.

We had tons of fun! And as always, I love hanging with Kaycie or as Nicky calls her, "Kiki". And I love hanging with Nicky! She is always so much fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


After a long and utterly stressful process...we got a new car, the Jeep Commander!!
Here she is......

Some of you may know the story of how we sold "precious" to my brother and we got his truck in trade. Mark was going to sell his truck and drive my brother's, because it is smaller and not a diesel. Well....we couldn't sell it and so we decided to put both trucks on, within two days we sold my brother's truck. Which left us with one car....arghhhh!! So I took two days of work along with Mark we set out to find a car. It was a nightmare...I developed a twitch on the side of my eye. But, finally we found the Jeep Commander. I didn't fall in love at first and I think it will take a little bit to develop a full love of her and name her. But, soon she'll have a name!!

After getting home with the new car, the kids wanted a ride. So we drove down to get tacos...and hello...Riley spills a 44 oz. Diet Coke in the back seat. I then dropped my garage opener into the open drink, which broke the garage opener. We then got home and found out that someone stole Mark's new Taylor Maid golf clubs and Jake's new Ping golf clubs. So we called the cops and were in hot pursuit of the suspect. Low and behold it was John "our not-so-good" friend who pulled a prank on us!! Way to go John, that was a good one!! Watch your back my friend!!

So we are just this "new" car a bad omen??? I hope not! Cross your fingers it was just a fluke thing!