Thursday, February 25, 2010


...and it's....

South Dakota Rapid City mission! I am so happy for them! It will be a fun and exciting mission and I am definitely going to visit!

Congrats Mom & Dad...we love you and are so proud of your decision to serve!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I had a great birthday, even though my husband wasn't around to help me celebrate!! He sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, a cake, and a gift card to do some shopping!!
Also, my sweet friend Janeane made this fun cake for me!

On my birthday, some of my friends took me out to dinner at PF Changs and to a movie. And on Friday, my good friend Heather, took me to dinner at Carrabas, shopping, and to a movie. I had a great time with all my friends, got some really fun gifts, and enjoyed yet another birthday!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. George - President's Weekend

This past weekend my parent's and I took Jake and Riley to St. George for President's weekend. We had a blast! Jake was so sweet to watch Riley for a few hours, so that my parent's and I could go to the Parade of Homes. We went to dinner for Valentines at Texas Roadhouse, yummy! My Mom took me shopping for my birthday, while my Dad took Jake golfing. We also went hiking in Snow Canyon and played at the Dunes in Snow Canyon. The weather was great...and all in all it was a fun, yet relaxing vacation!! My parents even climbed the red rocks!
Jake and Riley playing at the Dunes...they built a cool sand castle!

Of course, I had to relax and read while the kids played!

Riley, Jake, and I at the petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon

Riley and I at Jenny's Canyon...
...and while the boys, my parents, and I were in St. George...this is what Kaycie was doing. Nicky (Kaycie's aunt)...invited her to help at Kara and for a sleepover. Kaycie helped Nicky clean her house and then they had facials! Love it!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Mark is up to in Dubai....

This is just one of the building's that will be built. Mark has been working on a block building, hopefully he will send pics soon. He said today that he had ten more blocks to lay and then he could do some real work. Which is basically building these steel training buildings. Every time I talk with Mark, I miss him more and more. This is quite the experience, probably more for him than me!

Friday, February 5, 2010


One might think from the picture above that he is in a very snowy place, but.....
guess again...this is the jobsite....

...but then again...look at all this beautiful water....

...and expensive cars....guessed yet?

...and amazing scenery....

...and cute stores (only because we call kaycie Kikki)...

...but then again...this is where he sleeps at night....

...but during the weekends...he plays here!!

....this is the biggest clue!!
....okay already...he's in Dubai!
Mark has been gone for exactly two weeks! We miss him so much! He isn't really having that much fun, he is in the middle of no where! He is about an hour and a half outside of Dubai, closer to Abu Dahbi. They are building a training facility (shooting range) for the Prince! Ah yes! I hope to post pics of the facility!
What an amazing experience for him, but very humbling! We love him so much for sacrificing time away from his family in order to support them!
At home, we are surviving...we are not able to talk to him much, because he is 11 hours ahead! But, we try as much as possible!!
We have had so much support from family & friends, I can't thank you all enough!! We love you all!!


It's been a while since I've it's time to play catch up! The Bleggi Family had a great Christmas. Soon after we said goodbye to Mark and off he went to Jacksonville, Florida.

He came home for a bit and we were able to head to St. George for the weekend as a family! We had such a blast and it was fun to have Mark around!!