Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. George - President's Weekend

This past weekend my parent's and I took Jake and Riley to St. George for President's weekend. We had a blast! Jake was so sweet to watch Riley for a few hours, so that my parent's and I could go to the Parade of Homes. We went to dinner for Valentines at Texas Roadhouse, yummy! My Mom took me shopping for my birthday, while my Dad took Jake golfing. We also went hiking in Snow Canyon and played at the Dunes in Snow Canyon. The weather was great...and all in all it was a fun, yet relaxing vacation!! My parents even climbed the red rocks!
Jake and Riley playing at the Dunes...they built a cool sand castle!

Of course, I had to relax and read while the kids played!

Riley, Jake, and I at the petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon

Riley and I at Jenny's Canyon...
...and while the boys, my parents, and I were in St. George...this is what Kaycie was doing. Nicky (Kaycie's aunt)...invited her to help at Kara and for a sleepover. Kaycie helped Nicky clean her house and then they had facials! Love it!

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Amy said...

glad you goto to start celebrating your birthday week early! happy bday tomorrow!