Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a fun and eventful Thanksgiving this year. My mom decided to have an early Thanksgiving on Sunday, because my Grandma was going into surgery to get her second hip replaced.

Monday, we took Jake out for his birthday, can you believe I have a 12-year old!! We saw Madagascar 2, which I loved. Riley clapped when it was over and it was the first movie he watched in the theatre the entire way through. Usually we have to leave half way through the movie!

Tuesday, it was Jake's birthday and we entertained 7 twelve year olds. Jake had a blast!

On Wednesday, our friends Jake and Heather, invited us to pre-Thanksgiving Pie Party. It was yummy! Jake made "several" pies and I couldn't stop eating.

On Thanksgiving, Mark played football in the morning with friends and then he came home and started baking pies for his Mom's Thanksgiving dinner. We ate and then literally fell asleep.

Friday, I went shopping with my mom and my grandma (my Mom's Mom). We shopped from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. We had a blast! This is a tradition we've had since I was really young. I love it!!

Saturday, we layed around recuperating from the long weekend and then Mark and I went with friends to "Four Christmases". I never laughed so hard!

On Sunday, Jake was ordained a Deacon, we were so proud of him. He had a great day being recognized for all of his hard work completing his Faith in God. He also got up in front of all of the adults for the 5th Sunday meeting and recited the 13th Article of Faith. I was more nervous than him! He did a great job!!

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Kelli Lafranca said...

No I can't believe you have a 12 year old! You look way too young! I'm glad you liked "Four Christmases", I want to see it but needed a good review first.