Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is so hard to believe my baby girl is 9!! How time flies. I remember when I was pregnant with Kaycie, I chose not to find out what I was having. But, I knew...I just had a feeling she was a girl. When she came out and the doctor said "it's a girl", I was so excited. I know Jake was excited too and that is where she got her nickname, Kaycie Junior Tracks. Jake decided that is what he wanted her to be called. But from the moment she was born, Kaycie has proven that she is a girl through and through. She has always had a spunky attitude. The Bleggi girls use to babysit and it would take the entire family to make Kaycie happy! Mark and I would come home and there Megan would be totally distraught with her parents and usually one of the other Bleggi girls there to take turns making Kaycie happy! She has come a long way...she is a very happy, fun loving girl. She is always writing notes, songs, and letters to her family, telling us what she loves about us...and sometimes what bugs her about us!

For Kaycie's birthday, I surprised her with tickets to Taylor Swift. She had no idea. I told her we were going to Salt Lake to have dinner with friends and then shopping. We got to the Gateway and I told her we had to take a short cut by the Energy Solutions Arena to get to a store. Once we got close to an entrance, I pulled out tickets and said, "why don't we see what's going on inside!" Kaycie read the tickets and starting screaming!! It was such a blast watching Kaycie dance and sing with her friends!!

We love Kaycie so much and we are so happy we have her in our family!!



This is Us! said...

Happy Brithday!!! Sorry we missed the party last night. Our night was a bit crazy! Hope she had a great day and it looks like she had a ball at the concert!

Kellie & Cody said...

Serious--you have got to be one of the coolest mom's ever!! And I have a sister named Kaycie who spells her name the same way! That is rare!! (well, I think it's rare!)

Nickie said...

she's such a cutie. Happy Birthday Kaycie

Brower6 said...

Hey you!! I found you through the Bringhursts. Tag has gone to school all year and is playing t-ball with Dagen. Funny how we're related and only live 5 minutes and a phone call apart and I have to catch up with you by computer. Hope all is well, please call if you need anything while Mark is gone. The kids coming to play, you need a coke run, whatever.