Saturday, June 13, 2009


Summer started with a bang! Jake graduated from Elementary School, he starts Junior High next year! I can't believe it, I almost have a teenager!

I then began the final planning for Girl's Camp! It was a crazy time getting ready for camp! But all the hardwork paid off, I feel our camp turned out GREAT!! It rained the entire time, but cleared up anytime we had something planned. We only had to cancel one activity!

Below are a few pics of things we've done since school's been out!

Jake ran his first 5K with Mark!

Jake and Riley chillin' in the hot tub!

Kaycie kicking around in the backyard! She loves soccer, but for some reason won't play city league!

As far as Mark's travel plans...he has a for sure job still in Wisconsin, but will not be leaving until July 14th now! It's been nice to have him home for a while. He may have a couple of jobs between now and then, it all depends on whether or not he gets the bids! I plan on taking a road trip with the kids to Wisconsin! I know crazy right! But, think how fun that would be to go across 1/2 the country and stop at some great sights! I did that as a kid and I still remember how much I loved it! I'll have to keep you all posted on whether or not I go!!

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Kelli Lafranca said...

I can't believe how big your kids are are almost the mom of a teenager! Sorry your husband has to be away so much, we were without Jeremiah for 5 weeks, it's hard huh? Good luck with your road trip though!