Saturday, May 9, 2009


We just found out that Mark is going back to Wisconsin. He should be home from Oklahoma on May 19th and then will be leaving on June 1 until July 1. We are happy to have him home for a couple of weeks, but are sad to see him going so soon again. My kids and I miss having Mark around, he keeps us laughing! I think I run on autopilot when he's gone! But, I am surviving. I think Mark is happy to get out of Oklahoma, the weather is hot and humid and the wind blows everyday. He has killed two rattlesnakes, beat off several biting spiders, has to check for ticks everyday, and shaved his hair off because he was sweating like mad! But, he maintains his funny attitude and the boyband and him have several jokes about working out of state. My favorite is that they live in a jail cell (hotel room) and are on work release during the day. I am really trying to find them a nice condo or cabin to stay in while they are in Wisconsin. My favorite detail about their upcoming digs is that it will be in Amish and Cranberry Country. As Mark would say, "Life as a hermit."


Nickie said...

I don't know how you do it. Keep your chin up and let me know how I can help!!

Seth and Abbie Ollerton said...

I am surprise Mark lasted as long as his did with all of those creepy animals. The Mark I know screams like a girl when he sees a tiny mouse!