Monday, July 12, 2010


Jake has been begging Mark and I to take him Mountain Biking at Sundance, because that is part of his Season Pass. He also just bought himself a new bike. So I took my bike in to get a tune up and found out it would cost as much as a new bike. So happy late birthday to me, I got a new bike.

If you've never been to Sundance in the Summer...might I make that recommendation! So beautiful. I love it! We took the lift to the top and took our first ride down! Ummm...I am not sure I was cut out for this down hill stuff.

Our first run down, Mark blew a tire. He was sooooo mad! What a pain!! But luckily Jake was prepared with a tube, tire tool, and pump! What a boy scout!
Our third trip down, we found the coolest trail (Archie's Loop). What an amazing view of the canyon. It was an awesome trail...I loved it! I didn't feel like I was on a downhill race like the other trails, it was more leasure than trying to prove your a good rider! Below is Scott's Pond.

Jake LOVED it! He had so much fun! It was so fun to hang with him for the day!

And there's the love, right there!!

Mark love the trail too...can't wait to go back!

Last run...I decided to take a dive on a pretty rocky trail...bruised shoulder, elbow, and knee. Still hurting...but still want to go again!!

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