Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April shower's bring May Flowers

Here we are in April already! How time flies!! Mark has been home for two weeks now. The kids and I have enjoyed him being home. We were able to go out with our good friends, Amy & John, on Saturday night and enjoy a good dinner and a hockey game. We have never been to a game before, so this was a whole new experience for both Mark and I. It was a blast!! I loved every minute of the game! I can't believe how much they fight! It was crazy, but in a fun sort of way!! I think all of us wish is wasn't the last game of the season!!

The kids are all doing well. Riley has a new habit of putting his underwear on backwards, so he can see the picture of Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine, Nemo or whatever is on the backside of his underwear. This causes a whole set of problems, for which I am trying to change this habit! See the results of wearing your underwar backwards below:

So the sad news comes now, Mark leaves us for 5 weeks starting Sunday. In my previous post, I stated he was going to Tulsa, which was wrong. He is actually going to Lawton, Oklahama, which is about an hour and 1/2 away from Oklahoma City. He will be working on a military base, so I am hoping he gets the yes "ma'am" thing down!

One more exciting bit of news to help me through the lonely 5 weeks, I have "WICKED" tickets!! Kaycie and I are headed out on the town to see "WICKED" on the 19th!! I am so excited!!

Happy Easter to you all....

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Stella Andes said...

Gil and I bought our first home in Lawton OK in 1971. We paid $10,500 for it! Lawton is a good town, but it's too bad he has to be there without you and the kids! Take care!