Thursday, February 12, 2009


So why is the title "Appleton, Wisconsin" you ask? Well it will be Mark's new home starting in March!! He should be there for almost a month. I am a bit freaked out, but so excited for him. This is a great opportunity and if things work out, he could be traveling around the United States working on different projects! I am kind of jealous, because I love traveling and it would fun to see new places! But, I am happy that we don't have to pick up our family and move!
Life will definitely change for me, I will be somewhat of a single mom. But, it is worth the sacrifice!
As for everything else in life, things are going great. Jake continues to snowboard every weekend! Kaycie started gymnastics...well I should say...I signed her up for gymnastics without her knowledge. She was so mad, the day she started, she kept glaring at me during class, I could tell she was flipping me off in her heart. But, by the end, she was loving it. She said, "Mom, the teachers kept asking me if my mom or dad was a gymnast and they said that I was born to be a gymnast." So now she thinks its her calling in life. I am excited that she is loving it and she defintely has a talent for it! Riley is still keeping us busy. He is in pre-school 4 days a week. He does not allow any of us to walk him to the bus, he has to do it all himself. He loves school and runs around the house singing songs, talking about colors and shapes, and drawing. He has made a lot of progress, which I thank pre-school for!!
Oh and did I's birthday month! Oh yes, February is my month! I keep wondering where the last 35 years went! I also keep thinking it's time to grow up...and then in the next breath, I think why!

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Kelli Lafranca said...

Jeremiah might be doing an internship out of state this summer, I'll need your advice on single-motherhood-ness when/if that happens! And I know it's a little early, but happy birthday! You totally don't look 35 =)