Friday, January 9, 2009


So's been a while. Christmas tends to be a busy time of year, but in all reality...I basically stayed home from December 23 to January 5, with a weekend trip to St. George! So it wasn't really busy as much as it was relaxing. I read two books, enjoyed time with my kids, and celebrated the New Year with Riley...while Jake went with friends and Mark and Kaycie took off a day early to St. George! We did have a ton of fun over the Christmas Break. Jake did a ton of snowboarding with his friends, Kaycie and Riley hung out with friends and family! And Mark started up a new venture called Exfuse, its a health drink called Seven. I have started drinking it just recently, so I'll have to report back on how I feel. It has 7 wonder fruits that help with a lot of different issues. As you may know, Mark has been really into his health. He has lost over 16 pounds and he has made it to 5 miles on his running. Go Mark! He has one more month to go before the final weigh keep your fingers crossed!

It was really hard for me to go back to work, which is odd because I am a work-a-holic. But since being back for a week, I am now in the swing of things!

My only thing now is the hope for an early Spring and maybe some trip to look forward to, but since neither of those are definites...I am going to live in the moment and enjoy life! That's my New Year's Resolution!

Happy New Year's to you are a few fun pics of the family!

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