Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Fun

With Mark leaving on the 11th of July, our family decided we needed a vacation, so that we could spend time with him before he leaves for 8 weeks! Mark and I took the kids to St. George to stay at the condo, we took a day trip to Las Vegas, which is always entertaining! My kids have never been to Vegas before and just walking the strip was crazy times. I kept telling Jake and Kaycie to keep their heads up, because there were tons of papers on the ground with half naked ladies on them! I am sure Jake caught an eye full...ahhhh what do you do! However, the kids had tons of fun. Jake rode the New York, New York roller coaster. We took the kids to the Coca-Cola store and tried 14 different kinds of soda from various countries. I don't think Mark and I have laughed so hard when Riley took a swig from the Italian Bittersweet Cola...he had the funniest reaction I have ever seen and then I thought he was going to throw up! Mark had tears rolling down his cheeks, he was laughing so hard! We then went to the M&M store, which was fun; but they charge an arm and a leg to buy a bag of M&M's! My favorite was getting a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity, which I thought was only in New York! Yummy!!

In St. George, we relaxed by the pool, which was so nice! We went to the Transformers movie, which was really good! We also saw the local fireworks...good times!

A few other items...I was offered 10 more hours at work, which I accepted and started the new schedule this week! Also, our LDS Stake was divided and out of our ward only ten families were cut out and put into another ward. Our family being one of them, I am excited to meet new people, but will miss my old ward. But, I have made some lifelong friendships and am sure they will stay even if we are not in the same ward.

On the travel front, Mark is headed to Sparta, Wisconsin starting July 11th and then from there he will go to Kansas, Oklahamo, Canada, and Texas. He should be gone approximately 8 weeks, maybe a bit longer. So my plan is to take a road trip the end of August with my kids and my parents, to see him! It should make for some interesting posts! He is in the process of bidding a job in Dubai...yes you heard me right...Dubai! I'll keep you all posted on that will be a 6 month job! Crazy times at the Bleggi household!


Nickie said...

Glad you got to go with the fam. I think a girls trip to Vegas for some frozen hot chocolate sounds good.

dyana said...

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